Northwood-Oregonian Parliament

The legislature of Northwood-Oregon is divided into two houses: the Royal Deluge and the Preclusionary Committee. The Royal Deluge is comprised of the leaders of the member states while the Preclusionary Committee is comprised of elected officials from each member state. Both houses are presided over by the Sovereigns.

Sovereigns of Northwood-Oregon

Carson I

Since 29 September 2020

Sarah I

Since 10 November 2020

Royal Deluge Members

Nicholas Abbott

Duke of Clay

Theo Porter

Duke of Ottis

Andrew Stuller

Prince of Curtice

Grant Bruns

Duke of Aeolia

Jocelyn Huber

Duchess-Regent of Altissia

Kale Scarberry

Duke of Scarberriville

Lucas Daniel

Duke of Primeria

Preclusionary Commitee Members

Sav Large

of the Duchy of Clay

Chantah Chanthakham

of the Principality of Curtice

Elise DeMaria

of the Duchy of Altissia

Emmalee Guy

of the Duchy of Aeolia